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What's Ice Cream Rolls


 Yummy  Ice Cream Rolls is Spokane’s first establishment serving Thai-inspired  ice cream rolls. This concept was created on the streets of Thailand,  serving fresh, made-to-order ice cream. Inspired by this ice cream art  and by the way bartenders artfully craft cocktails made to order,  we blend the two approaches to create an experience for ice cream  aficionados with an eclectic palette. We roll each individual ice cream  order with the freshest ingredients right in front of your eyes, meaning  no preservatives or stabilizers are added. It’s ice cream in its rawest  form -- fresh off the plate. 

What's Poke?


 Poke is a delicious, healthy raw sashimi based based food from Hawaii!  Traditionally, Poke is ahi or salmon tossed with shoyu (soy sauce),  sesame oil, onions and sesame seeds creating a savory, unique food for  adventurous eaters!Poke is traditionally pre-made and served by the  pound out of a deli case in Hawaiian convenience and grocery stores.  Poke-Poke was the first poke restaurant to offer made to order options,  creating a traditional poke experience tailored to your taste buds! 

Boba Tea ( Northside Location Only )


Bubble tea is contain brew black tea ,flavors of milk, and sugar. Toppings, known as "pearls", such as chewy tapioca balls, popping boba, fruit jelly, grass jelly, agar jelly, are often added. 

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Always met with a smile and a helping hand



It’s simply our way of showing we care about our customers



The quicker we do things for our customers, the more they'll enjoy